Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The MTV Movie Awards 2014

  This year SimplyCaprine had the exciting opportunity to participate in the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in association with  The Artisan Group®.  On April 11th-12th the GBK's Luxury Gift Lounge was the exclusive host to an invitation only selection of renowned celebrities and members of the press.  The Artisan Group® exhibit was set up to welcome Hollywood celebrities and members of the press and gift a selection of handcrafted gifts  And perched there on display for all attendees to view was SimplyCaprine's  bars of Cedarwood Lime soap, and Sea Salt Bar, along with bottles of matching Blissful Body Oil.

   On top of being on display we were present in the 100 of The Artisan Group® coveted swag bags which were gifted to all attending celebrities and members of the press.  Each contained dozens of flawlessly handcrafted gifts from the most exquisite artisans and along with the others they would find SimplyCaprine's Sea Salt Bar wrapped in pretty blue and white paper and nestled with a business card inside of an all natural cotton bag.

One of the exciting rewards that comes with being on display with The Artisan Group® is that as each celebrity swings by to receive their bags they get to take a picture with one of the items on display.  This year we are thrilled to announce that five different celebrities picked our product for their photo!!!

Jeff Kober ~ Well known for his role in "China Beach" and "The Walking Dead" as well as being in several other popular TV series

Jonathan Sadowski ~ Known best for his roles in "She's The Man" and "Friday the 13th"

Sherri Saum ~ Star of "Sunset Beach" and many other TV shows

Jonathan Lipnicki ~ The young, uprising star that is perhaps best known for his roles in "Jerry Maguire" and "Stuart Little"

Draya Michele ~  The beautiful actress from "Basketball Wives LA"

   We could not be more excited with such fabulous exposure, but perhaps the most wonderful reward from our participation is the response that we have gotten from all of the celebrities that were gifted. They have all been so gracious and thankful.  I do believe that this has been the most all-around heartwarming group of celebrities that we have gifted thus far.
   As a small business this has been an incredibly thrilling experience and we cannot wait to see what comes next in our future!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just Kidding!

Oh it's that lovely time of year!  The time of hot cocoa, blazing fires, ugly sweaters, nipping frost, and...


Each Spring we summon in the new year with a fresh batch of rambunctious kids, making January easily the most stressful, sleepless, wonderful time of year.  If I had to pick one reason why we continue to raise dairy goats in such size and scale, I would tell you without a moment's pause that it's because of the kids.  There is nothing in the world quite as adorable as a baby goat and we are blessed with them in large quantities.

Since our primary reasons of breeding dairy goats are for show and production, we choose to bottle raise all of our babies.  There are several reasons for this;
Firstly, it reduces the chance of them picking up any milk-transmitted diseases that may be passed from the dam.
Secondly, bottle raised kids are much friendlier and much, much easier to handle, making it easier to train them for show as well as to sell them.  In a few months they'll have grown quite a bit and it's no fun to be chasing them around in the Florida summer heat!

Now bottle raising kids means that we attend each and every one of the births.  Once they are born we put them in large tubs of hay and bring them inside the house for the first twenty-four hours.  And this is where the long nights begin!  During that first night, it is my job to sleep on the couch next to them so that I can wake up every hour or so in order to make sure that they have enough colostrum.  As you can imagine, this combined with the kiddings themselves can create a lot of stress.  However, in the long run it is worth it every single time.

   And so we wait with bated breath, impatient and straining.  In fact I'm waiting right now!  Our first doe of the season looks as though she's ready to pop any second.  So wish us luck and Happy Kidding!

Lily P.


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